Michelle M. Ruff, Esq.

Attorney Licenciada Abogada

Michelle provides caring empathetic legal counsel to her clients. She has been practicing law in Georgia since 2003 and has been licensed since 2002 in Kentucky and Michigan. Prior to establishing her own firm, Michelle most recently worked for more than 10 years as in-house counsel to national fin-tech title companies that provided financial services to the largest mortgage lenders in the U.S. She is experienced with real estate, title insurance, business, corporate, risk and compliance services. She is also passionate about helping individuals, families, young parents and aging members of our communities with estate, VA, Medicaid and special needs planning. Michelle has shown her appreciation and respect for older citizens by volunteering to teach elementary Spanish classes and chair aerobics at a neighborhood senior citizen program. When not working or volunteering, Michelle's free spirit loves learning about cultures while traveling internationally, but nothing makes her smile more than her family, especially her four year-old granddaughter.

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